How we started


We stumbled into this business by being forced to change our lifestyle and dietary habits due to serious health issues.  These changes included elimination of ALL grains and refined sugars, including most fruit sugars.  Coming from a large ethnic family who equated foods such as pasta and dessert with love, being told that we could no longer have these was devastating.  BUT, we were determined to find a way to prepare delicious meals and desserts that tasted as good or better than the finest restaurants and bakeries WITHOUT grains and refined sugars or other artificial products.  Having traveled around the world, the initial task seemed quite daunting. 


After some trial and lots of error and using our friends as "test subjects", and much prodding and encouragement by these same test subjects, Grace N Love Cakes was born.  This has been truly a labor of love.  Not only is it our passion to bake delicious cakes, but it is also a passion to educate people that grain-free and/or gluten-free doesn't mean taste-free. 


All of our products are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility.  As much as possible, all of the ingredients that we use are organic and not genetically modified.  ALL are grain-free, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.  We also prepare dairy-free desserts for those who are sensitive to dairy products, as well as keto-friendly and paleo desserts for those who follow that lifestyle .  Our ingredients are ones that people can pronounce, like eggs, cream, butter, not mono-dihydro-tetra-something or other.  If we can't pronounce it we don't want to ingest it, and I don't want to sell it to my customers either.  We want our customers to enjoy our cakes without worrying about their their waistlines or how many additives are in their food. 


We want our customers to learn that cake shouldn't be reserved just for special occasions, it can be enjoyed every day.  AND... If it isn't made with love, it's not worth buying.  

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